Self-Development Coaching Services: I help people go from a state inertia into a state of action. If you are feeling stuck or in one or more areas of your life we will work together to define the steps needed to get into action and build momentum.

Travel Wellness Concierge: Road warriors, digital nomads, and vacationers alike, strategizing around travel and sustaining healthy habits is key. Save some of your energy and outsource the thinking to me. I will help you navigate travel better. Want to know where to eat well or workout while on the road? Together we will build a personalized plan from everything to do prior to travel through your trip and how to bounce back when you return.

Brand Ambassador: I am extremely particular in the products and brands I promote under my name. I am committed to being authentic which is why the fit is so key in collaborating and building a long-term relationship. If I feel strongly enough in your product, I am willing to discuss a more elaborate partnership.

Product Review: I’m happy to sample your product and write an honest, detailed review on my blog. I am passionate in finding brands that also support living a healthy lifestyle and want to share these lucky finds with everyone who reads my page!